Our Fair City, 2072


Seattle is a state of the UCAS on the Pacific Coast separated from the rest of the country by the Native American Nations. Seattle itself is located in the middle of Salish-Shidhe, its access to the Pacific Ocean passing through Salish-Shidhe waters in the Puget Sound and Juan de Fuca Strait. However the provisions of the Treaty of Denver give Seattle unlimited access to the passage. It is sometimes called Seattle State or Seattle Metroplex when there is a need to distinguish it from Seattle City (which is itself more commonly designed as Seattle Downtown).

Seattle has a population of just over 4 million official (plus around 2 million unregistered) inhabitants and covers 3,992 square kilometers. It is the most densely populated UCAS state with about 750 inhabitants/kmĀ², and the second smallest UCAS state after Rhode Island.

Law and Government
Seattle is sometimes designated as a “state”, sometimes since 2017 as a “metroplex”, a unique term not applied to any other entity in the UCAS. As any state, it has a governor, a state legislature, and at the federal level 2 senators and 6 representatives. Every federal text applies to Seattle as to every UCAS state, except since 2042 the possibility granted only to Seattle by the UCAS Congress for Seattle to send its own ambassadors in foreign countries. Mercer Island, now known as Council Island was ceded to the Salish-Shidhe Council to be used as an embassy.


Main districts:
Fort Lewis

Unofficial districts/neighborhoods
Council Island
Ork Underground (unofficial)

Famous sights of Seattle includes Space Needle, Renraku Arcology, Mount Rainier, Federated Boeing Everett facilities, and a UCAS supercarrier when docked at the Everett Naval Shipyard.

Baseball team: Seattle Mariners
Basketball team: Seattle SuperSonics
Combat Biker team: Seattle Timber Wolves
Football team: Seattle Seahawks
Urban Brawl team: Seattle Screamers

Our Fair City, 2072

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