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Redmond Barrens

The Redmond district of Seattle, UCAS is more commonly known as The Redmond Barrens, well known for its run-down ghettos of the SINless and squatters, intermittent and incessant gang violence and it’s scenes of vast urban decay.

At the end of the 20th century Redmond was a center of computer industries in the North American northwest. The Shiawase nuclear powerplant Trojan-Satop had a particular meltdown, creating the notorious “Glow City”. Most humans and metahumans left Redmond after that disaster. Then the Crash of 2029 struck and destroyed the Computer industry. Since then the district hasn’t recovered in any way.

Criminal Syndicates


Finnegan Family (Mafia): An Irish family in the Seattle mafia who specialize in both magical and technological strength. Strong in prostitution, drugs and gambling concerns.

Shigeda-gumi (Yakuza): The Shigeda are the second-largest gumi in Seattle, notorious for being far more eclectic and less traditional. Involved in gambling, BTL, prostitution and smuggling.

Kumon’go Ring (Seoulpa Rings): Recently merged with the Dog-men, a Salish gang, and involved in smuggling, human trafficking, organlegging and cyberware salvage and resell.

Yellow Lotus (Triads): Old-school, magically powerful Triad involved in selling BTL, smuggling of illegal immigrants, running sweat shops (that said immigrants end up working in) and the sales of the goods thereof.


Avondale (E)
Quiet neighborhood with a large Caribbean population.
Novelty Hill Sleep & Eat: Flophouse Refurbished warehouse turned into coffin hotel and dispenser restaurant.

Bargain Basement (E)
Former upscale bedroom community with apartments and condoplexes now filled with the poor, run by slumlords backed by criminal syndicates.
Squatters’ Mall: Black Market Former shopping mall taken over by squatters and used as a sort of all-products bazaar.

Brain Heaven (E)
Devastated area sparsely populated by squatter and street survivors. Very rough.
The Body Mall: Street Doc Former hospital broken up into a “mall” of medical practices offering street doc services.
Monohan Vehicles: Factory A vehicle manufacturer that makes military and police vehicles for Ares Arms.

Carnation (E)
Neighborhood on the border of Redmond and the Salish, with a large metahuman (particularly orc and troll) population.
Carnation-Seattle Ranch: Industrial Ranch Industrial ranch that spans Seattle and Salish territories alike.
Life-Eez Appliances: Factory A manufactory making cooking and cleaning appliances that employs local metahumans in practically sweat-shop conditions.

The Crash Zone (E)
Area devastated by a jet crash fire. Ruled by various tribal-style “kings” who lay claim to fiefs and battle one another for turf, goods and followers, made up of men who escaped from the local prison.

Glow City (Z)
Site of a major nuclear meltdown, now filled with madmen and mutants.

Hollywood (E)
Somewhat prosperous area with a prison, hospital and low-budget simsense studio.
Hollywood Correctional Facility: _ Prison_ A high-security prison.
Hollywood Hospital: Hospital A hospital struggling over the district’s poverty and needs.
Hollywood Simsense Entertainment: Studio & Factory Combination simsense gear and chip manufactory, recording studios and retail center for all manner of simsense (particularly pornographic simsense).

Kingsgate (E)
Small, close-knit community, with a high proportion of metahumans.
Crusher 495: Nightclub Ork-owned and operated rock club of 30+ years, with rough slampit and hard music.

Plastic Jungles (E)
Former greenhouse set up run wild, with squatter population that cultivate the plants that grow here.

Purity (E)
Community of mostly humans, with a high Chinese population.

The Rat’s Nest (Z)
Massive trash dump and squatter haven.

Touristville ( C)
Relatively civilized and safe nightclub and bar neighborhood favored by the affluent of neighboring districts as a place to go “slumming.” Extensive art-based, avant garde, countercultural community.
Banshee: Bar No-frills karaoke bar.
Dr. Bob’s Quickstitch Clinic:_ Street Doc_ Street clinic.
The Edge: Restaurant Swank grill on the edge of Bellevue open to everyone.
Green Fairy Tower: Various An old highrise apartment complex turned into a variety of weird shops run by Barreners, including the absinthe bar that gives the place its name.
The Jackal’s Lantern: Bar Rough nomadic bar favored by the (non-Redmond) Halloweeners gang.
The Joke: Nightclub & Brothel Lobby of an apartment building turned into a bawdy cabaret and brothel.
Meltdown: Nightclub rubber-walled club home of hardcore, thrash and metal in Redmond, featuring live thrashcore bands on weekends.
Phoenix House: Restaurants Successful Japanese restaurant.
Redmond Center Hotel & Dining Room: Hotel & Restaurant Plush hotel and upper-class restaurant favored by monied out-of-districters partying in Touristville.
Redmond Center Mall: Mall Two story mall and ten-story luxury hotel that caters to out-of-district customers.
Redmond General Hospital: Hospital A government- and corp-funded medical facility that is the most modern medical facility in the district.
The Skeleton: Nightclub World famous rock-club featuring bands every night; well-known as a favorite place for even successful bands to play a set occasionally, often anonymously.
Sweet Georgia’s: Strip Club & Brothel Strip club and brothel.

Sophocles (E)
Relatively peaceful former bedroom community. Mostly made up of small squatter clans.
The Madwoman: Bar Stripped down bar favored by locals.

The Verge (E)
Ash-covered area on the Redmond-Salish border. Filled with squatters who live in near-desolate conditions. Site of a gang war between Crimson Crush and First Nations.

Woodinville (E)
Upcoming community, with a high Japanese population.
Aces: Bar A rough dive bar.
Downfall: Bar Quiet, relatively peaceful bar popular with magicians.
Yoshiro’s: Restaurant Cheap and rundown Japanese restaurant.


Brain Eaters (Touristville): Red fez-wearing hacker gang. Electronic crime, smuggling, tech-scavenging and black marketeering.

Crimson Crush (Bargain Basement): Primarily orkish group focused on neighborhood protection, often clashing with racist organizations and gangs. Extortion and BTL dealing.

Cutters Redmond Crew (all): Chapter of a multi-sprawl gang. Focuses on smuggling, extortion and freelance security work. Currently clashing with First Nations over the Verge.

First Nations (The Verge): Mainly involved in other areas of Seattle, but currently clashing with the Cutters over access to the Verge, to aid their smuggling efforts.

Red Hot Nukes (Hollywood): “Neighborhood watch” style dwarven gang who specialize in hand-to-hand combat and explosive ordinance. Deal in explosives and insurance scams, as well as sabotage.

Rusted Stillettos (Glow City): Ork and troll gang based out of irradiated Glow City. Most of them are also mutated in one way or another, and focus on smuggling, drugs and muscle work.

Spiders (all): Gang that hates insect spirits, taking great pride in their destruction of such. Finance their bug-hunting by working as couriers, fences and other types of criminal middlemen. Also known to engage in occasional organlegging.

Wraith Masque (Purity): Mid-sized gang associated with the Yellow Lotus. Engage in small-time dealing, theft and carjacking, and run a string of streetwalkers.

Home, Sweet Home

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