Tina Branford - "Esper"

Half-awake, walking along the brink of your death


Character Sheet


Diggy(Connection 3, Loyalty 2) – Talismonger
The owner of a small shop “Soul’d Out” that caters to the Awakened in Touristville, the stocky Dwarf came from Jamaica years ago, and has been in the area for for as long as anyone can remember. His storefront gives him the opportunity to make a living from what those less fortunate are able to salvage, and sells it back to the visitors of Touristville. His business is well organized, and though shrewd in nature, he’s is always welcoming new opportunities. He’ll often times be seen chatting with his customer in between puffs on his signature glass pipe.

Rusty Green(Connection 2, Loyalty 2) – Fixer
An up-and-comer in the Redmond shadows, Rusty is still new to the organizations of the area. But behind this human’s youthful exterior and faded green jumpsuits, a cunning mind is starting to see how to weave his web across the Seattle area. Most of his business is conducted on the back of his yellow Mirage in case he needs to make a quick getaway.


Tina Branford - "Esper"

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